Echeveria forms a large genus of succulents within the Crassulaceae family. They come originally from Mexico and South America and are now popular ornamental plants due to their interesting rosette-forming growth habit and leaf colours. Echeveria also produces small subtle flowers in shades of orange, yellow and pink.

In colder and more northerly regions they make popular house plants, though they require a sunny windowsill in order to get enough light. Echeverias do not require too much water, so if you forget to water them once or even twice then they will still survive.

In milder climates they make good outdoor plants, thriving in well-drained stony soil. The species will even tolerate some frost, though the hybrids are not at all frost-resistant.

Echeverias are easy to propagate. Small offsets produced around the base of the parent plant may be gently removed and potted up separately. Do not water these immediately upon potting, but wait a few days for the cuts to heal over and so reduce the possibility of rot. Echeveria can also be propagated from leaf cuttings. If you have a plant you will notice that if a leaf gets knocked off then a new tiny plant, complete with root, will sprout from the base of the leaf.

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